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Factory Painting and Staining

We offer an in house painting service with the following options using a choice of sprayed finish paints and stains.


  1. Supply only your joinery so you can paint it yourself.
  2. Primer only, which means that we have prepared all the surfaces ready for your top coat.
  3. Prime and white top coat Ral 9010 
  4. Prime and coloured top coat of customers choice
  5. Osmo oil applied by brush on Oak
  6. Water based stains applied by spraying
  7. Oil based stains applied by brush ( i.e. Sadolins or similar )



Home painting of your joinery

It is most important to paint your joinery before installation. This will help to maintain the life of the joinery. 

  • Remove all hardware especially window fittings and door handles.  Carefully wrap them in paper to avoid scratches.
  • Remove draught seals with the help of a putty knife or similar.
  • Apply knotting before priming ( check with paint supplier)
  • Apply end grain sealer ( check with paint supplier)
  • Paint all edges, even the ones that you cannot see like glazing rebates, ends of beads, top and bottom of doors. Failure to do this will result in water egress which will swell timber and effect doors and casements being tight and hard to open. It may also break down your double glazing .
  • Follow paint manufacturers instructions as some paints and stains need a basecoat or primer.
  • Once you have painted your joinery it can then be fitted. Refit seals and hardware .
  • It can now be glazzed to fitting guidelines.
  • It is recommended that once the joinery is fitted and glazed a final topcoat of paint is applied. This will help seal all the joints.
  • Regular maintenance is important to maintain the look of your joinery.

Teknos colour chart

Teknos gbi opaque colour card
Or go to;
Adobe Acrobat document [8.3 MB]

RAL Colour chart

Ral Colour Chart - Click on image for available colours

Farrow &Ball colour chart

Farrow &Ball Colour chart click on image Farrow &Ball Colour chart click on image
Osmo Uv Protection Oil - Click on image for more information

Preservative Treatment

Treatment plant

We use Protim in our Prevac Plant

Protim 418 Solvent based wood preservative is ideal for joinery and machined material where dimensional stability is important. This is not to be confused with water based vacuum treatments. It is specially formulated for joinery work, using solvent in place of water prevents grain swelling and is quick drying. This means joinery can be machined before treatment and then glued and assembled soon afterwards. The Preservation process is carried out in a Prevac plant. The timber is loaded into the machine. A vacuum pulls the air out of the timber. The treatment vessel is then filled with preservative. After a few minutes the preservative is removed and a final vacuum is applied to remove the excess protim.

Adobe Acrobat document [2.7 MB]
Protim data sheet
Adobe Acrobat document [49.7 KB]

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You can now have your joinery painted at our factory. Don't forget that we can supply your glass. Come and see us or email for a free quotation.

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