Sliding Sash Windows

Traditional sash windows are often found in Georgian and Victorian houses. They were single glazed and have no draught seals. To facilitate operation, the weight of the glazed panel is usually balanced by a heavy lead, or cast iron sash weight concealed within the window frame. The sash weight is connected to the window by a sash cord that runs over a pulley at the top of the frame.

Today spring balances are often used today to meet the needs of modern double glazed sash windows. They are fully draught proof. Our products are of the highest quality. Our timber sash windows can be made traditionally made to suit conservation areas or to meet current building regulations with the added benefit of providing modern age thermal insulation qualities.

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Mock Sash Windows

Pronto Joinery Ltd make three main types of Mock Sash Window. The Economy Mock Sash, The Grant Spec Mock Sash and the Fire Escape Mock Sash Window. Sashes open as per normal casement windows (top hung) but when closed, suggest the look of a more traditional sliding sash windows. They are manufactured for double glazing, locking hardware, fully draught proofing and the option of trickle vents. We use a  standard horn pattern but this can be made to match the original design. Mock Sash Windows can usually be designed to comply with building regulations to cover Means Of Escape (MOE) or Fire Escape (FE).

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